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10 reasons Arabs should celebrate Israel on its 64th birthday

Dear Israel, We, Muslims and Arabs of the world, would like to send you greetings and warm wishes on the occasion of your 64th Independence Day. Mazal tov. Along with other world leaders and countries who rightfully congratulate you on this special day, we too would like to finally take this opportunity to celebrate your … Continue reading

Have war, may travel

“I have no other country, even if my land is aflame” – Israeli songwriter Ehud Manor Talk of a looming, devastating war with Iran has driven some Israelis with dual citizenship to prepare their foreign passports for the possibility of riding out the potential storm elsewhere. Recently, more than a few such Israelis who have … Continue reading

War with Egypt? Not so fast…

The recent flare-up along the Israel-Gaza border gave rise again this week to speculation and concern over whether there will be another large-scale confrontation in Gaza and what will happen if Egypt gets dragged in. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at a possible war in Gaza this week, saying, “The IDF is ready to expand … Continue reading

US policy on Iran: Wedged between Russia and the GCC?

In the international drive to curb Iran’s nuclear program, the U.S. may find itself increasingly being pulled in two different directions — not only by Israel and Europe, the former inching more and more toward military action while the latter insists on using sanctions — but by two other players with high stakes in the … Continue reading

Israel vs Iran: the movie

A new fight between Iran and Israel is heating up. Israel, equipped with innovative minds and several years of experience on the battlefield, has been able to produce some of the best weapons the world has ever encountered. But Iran will not go down without a fierce fight and may even have the upper hand, … Continue reading

Cyber vigilantism – deterrent or provocation?

A new team of warriors has recently volunteered to help Israel battle its adversaries in the Arab world. Emerging from the cybershadows, the warriors are anonymous, highly tech-savvy, and determined to put up a ruthless fight against anti-Israel hackers, do-it-yourself style. But are these vigilantes doing more harm than good? It depends on who you … Continue reading

Start up, nation!

Israelis may be surprised to learn that the recent breaches of Israeli cyberspace by foreign hackers could actually be a positive development for the country. A team of self-described Saudi hackers managed to expose the details of more than 20,000 Israeli credit cards over the Internet, and threatened to expose more, unleashing panic among card … Continue reading

Kadima’s fate lies in Lapid’s hands

The Israeli political system may face a major shakeup after Yair Lapid announced last week that he is entering politics. The popular Channel 2 news anchor and darling of the secular public resigned from his long-time journalism career on Sunday, igniting a great deal of media buzz about his rumored plans to establish a new … Continue reading

No news is good news

It’s not a new phenomenon that foreign media coverage of the Middle East tends to exaggerate. Take Israel, for example. In America, major news networks have fueled Americans’ perceptions that Israel is in a constant warzone, that Israeli citizens are afraid to leave their homes, that a terrorist may strike or a rocket may hit … Continue reading

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